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Minding the Gap

HMI develops specific research projects by drawing on current quantitative data and literature to study and offer solutions for real world problems revolving around multicultural journalism. The end goal of each research project is publication.


Encouraging research at the undergraduate level, the Hispanic Media Research (HMR) fosters an environment of inquiry and sharpens students' ability to pursue leading edge research. HMI focuses its attention and resources on issues directly affecting Hispanic media in the United States. Furthermore, HMI engages in transnational research by working with leading research institutions in Colombia, South America.

Textbook Development

HMI is currently developing a textbook focusing on Spanish-language television news production in the United States. The textbook seeks to serve as a valuable resource to universities with bilingual broadcast journalism programs. Developing the textbook has proven to be a challenging endeavor as it is written in Spanish with a mix of terminology in English.

HMI will provide preferential access to the textbook to those universities who are part of the Hispanic Media Exchange (HME).


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HMI partners with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) to research Hispanic media. Our main objective is to provide clear and reliable information that benefits Latino journalists in the United States. We are currently working on establishing an annual salary survey and report that will be available online at